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Social complexity and simulation: toward a model in Netlogo.      italian version  

An experimental project of agent-based computational social simulation applied to a local social system (the department of Biella in Piedmont - Italy).

simulazione gis biella

The recent computational simulation programs offer a relevant aid in the understanding of social complexity, starting from the GIS reconstruction of a particular geographical area and its main dimensions environment-rules-actors. This means to reproduce structures, resources and territorial elements strictly linked with the main characteristics of the population (reproduced in agents) contained in demographic, economic and social health public databases.
In this framework it is possible to vary parameters and indicators in order to observe how they change the behavior of people in changing contexts.
The computational reconstruction also offers the opportunity to explore the effects of
different policies, becoming an important aid in the planning of interventions at local level.

The first step of the project has been developed in the province of Biella with the scientific supervision of the Department of Economics and Public Finance "G. Prato", University of Torino and fouded by Lagrange Project - Fondazione CRT.
A presentation - in italian - of the project about computational social simulation and complexity (file pdf) >>Progetto Lagrange Simulazione Sociale

Toward a social simulation in NetLogo
.:: download the last version from the Northwestern University web site NetLogo ::.

A list of recent programs:

- Population, GIS and demografic forecast [2011] -->>

- A first program concerning simulation based on real-world value [2010] -->>

- A research and didactic tool on-line in the website of a Social Observatory: www.osservabiella.it  (2009)  -->>

PRESENTATIONS (in italian)

Simulazioni sociali e politiche pubbliche. Un'applicazione in ambiente NetLogo
Dipartimento di Sociologia e ricerca sociale - Università di Trento - 8.05.2012  -->
Visualizza la presentazione in formato pdf (3,5 Mb) Simulazioni sociali e politiche pubbliche

I fattori socio-economici dei determinanti di salute. Le trasformazioni sociali nel Biellese e i primi esiti di una simulazione.
Convegno ASL BI - Fondazione Pistoletto Biella, 3.12.2010 (file pdf , 3 Mb) >> Progetto Lagrange Simulazione Sociale

La simulazione della complessità sociale. Prospettive per il Biellese e per la Valle Cervo
Convegno Lions - Santuario di San Giovanni d’Andorno – 25.11.2010 (file pdf, 4.5 Mb) >> Progetto Lagrange Simulazione Sociale